"An evocative turn of phrase and a whiff of muse adumbrating a metaphysical farrago of refulgent syntax and insights.  This is the literary footprint of a profile written by Christine Darragh.  Don’t try to understand what makes it work.  Just inhale and savour it, as you would any artistic creation of nature; it’s the fragrant scent of a rose in the early morning dew!"

Warren Perley, Editor,

"Except for the publisher announcing soaring circulation figures, there’s no sweeter sound to a magazine editor’s ears than complimentary words from readers.  In the many years that Christine Darragh has been a regular contributor to Niagara Magazine and also Interiors, readers have been lavish with their praise.  With good reason.  Whether it be a feature or a column, Christine has demonstrated her ability to write in a style that’s both engaging and knowledgeable, no matter whether the piece is soulful, humorous or reflective.  No topic is too daunting; she takes a professional approach to each assignment, meeting her deadlines with flawless copy.  It’s not exaggerating to declare that the overall editorial quality of both publications has risen with the inclusion of Christine’s writing.  And as if all that weren’t enough, Christine’s easy manner make her a pleasure to work with!"

Tanya Hvilivitzky, Senior Editor, Sun Media

"Right from the start, I noticed Christine had a super friendly attitude and was always good in asking the correct questions for the assignment.  She had a significant amount of material to go through to understand what needed to be done.  In the end, she delivered to me an impressive and accurate biographical article for submission to a prestigious Canadian entertainment award organization.  I am an extremely satisfied client!"

SAJJAD, Musician

"I am deeply touched by the extraordinary sensitivity expressed by Christine Darragh in her thoughtful and timely article "The Soul Garden."  In my own way, as a plein air painter of gardens and nature and an instructor for over 40 years, I share her concerns and encouragement for others to establish a deeper relationship with the earth.  In her eloquent way, she expresses the reverence for nature which I attempt to portray in my own paintings."

Magdelena Titian, Artist