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Striving for open-minded balance — somewhere between jaded and naive with a healthy splash of sarcasm for good measure — Christine Darragh loves to know all the details, discovering those threads which connect people, places and things in meaningful ways.
From her early years in “Shakespearean-centric” Stratford, Ontario, through academia at Waterloo, she eventually landed in the Niagara Region in an ongoing quest for a really satisfying cup of coffee and the evocative appeal of a well-crafted sentence.
Thankfully, the English degree proved worthwhile and she now joyfully writes about what truly interests her.  And the professors were right; always try to keep the mantra of “eloquent precision” top of mind.
With over 10 years of business and corporate writing experience, she uses her effective skills to create copy for marketing and promotion, speeches, award nominations, food festivals, and has even written for a television show.
As a feature writer and researcher, she endeavors to cover a variety of compelling topics — health and wellness, profile pieces, architecture and design, food, travel, music, culture and social issues — with special emphasis on areas of sustainability and heritage conservation.
She’s long been charmed by the significance of craftsmanship in all its forms, seeking out the inspiring people and interesting places that encompass either a mindful way forward or a nostalgic look back.
Christine is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.  Her profile work has appeared recently in Culture Magazine, and she is a regular feature and column contributor to various Sun Media publications.
“Christine has demonstrated her ability to write in a style that’s both engaging and knowledgeable, no matter whether the piece is soulful, humorous or reflective,” says Tanya Hvilivitzky, editor at several Sun Media magazines.  “No topic is too daunting.”
Her intrepid search for salient, challenging stories continues, as does her mission to discover some out-of-the-way, vintage, chromed diner where she can write into the wee hours, a comforting cup of coffee by her side. 


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My feature article and extensive web gallery on Daryl Hall's Colonial home restoration, the location of his Live from Daryl's House tv/webshow that he christened "Flint Hill," and insights into his parallel, lifelong loves of music and antique architecture.


Words matter.  More importantly, the correct words matter. 

I have written for companies both large and small across a variety of businesses and styles - creating copy for marketing and promotion, speeches, award nominations, magazines, television shows, as well as policy and procedures.  Delivering a clear and engaging message is vital to connecting with an audience. 

Let me help make this a reality for your company.




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Interiors - Spring/Summer 2014 Issue

Sandra Kenney's Boulevard Design treats us to a Craftsman house restoration/renovation that is "Parkway Perfection," and my "Detail Driven" column highlights the finest designers in the area.  


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The 2013 Spring Issue of Niagara Magazine!

My profile of singer Mariannie Ompoc was the cover piece this time around.  As well, my feature article on the visual effects industry and an additional profile on the Shaw Festival's Artistic Director Jackie Maxwell, all graced this issue's pages.


Interiors - Spring/Summer 2012 Issue

I loved writing about the Nicholson-MacBeth house feature in this issue!  What a beautiful heritage home, with an inspired, modern architectural twist!

Highlighting three distinctly modern house features, including the renovation of a Nicholson-MacBeth "domestic gem" Niagara-area house that brings the past into the present.  

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Best of Show American Cheese Society Champions for 2011

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